20: The Worst Podcast We'll Ever Do

Episode 20 · December 12th, 2014 · 22 mins 11 secs

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Stupidly Small : 20: The Worst Podcast We'll Ever Do

Today, we had a launch party, to launch the Stupidly Big media empire. People turned up. Lots of people. We love those people. We also love the people who listen to the Stupidly Small podcast and today we have to make an apology. This is definitely the worst podcast we've ever done. It's the worst podcast we'll ever do. 

Some of the lowlights are: the bit where Stew apologises for reading a note on his phone. The bit where Lorin starts a story and it doesn't go anywhere. The bit where the sound drops out and we talk about it for ages. A strange religious interlude that Stew made up that doesn't mean anything.

We didn't even get Stupidly Bins right. 

It's bin night tonight in Reservoir. It's bin night on Sunday in Northcote and Panton Hill.

Thank you so much to everybody for this first month, and a few thanks for getting things off the ground today to:

The Lapser, Danielle, Stig, Mopsy, Mel Carr from Carrs Label Printing for the stickers, Milky Milo for turning up this morning with a hundred dim sims and then steaming them for us in the kitchen, the wonderful Ross (for sending us a drink card in the mail!) and huge thanks to Corinne Theodore for our new logos. We can't really believe our luck.

And Pat and Mark from The Workers Club, who truly did go far and beyond the limits of reasonable human kindness today.  

Our sponsors this week were the excellent Electric Body. Remember: you can still enter the words STUPIDLY SMALL in the coupon code box and get a 10% discount.

And if you're ever in Carlton and you need a coffee, pop into Brunetti Carlton. They showed up today with plates of beautiful food for us all, purely because they support stupidly big launch parties, and we love them.


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